I am a conference speaker specializing in multilingual SEO, global growth, globalization, and language inclusivity. As a conference speaker in multiple languages, I strongly emphasize the themes of inclusivity and the transformative power of language in the context of International and Multilingual SEO and Globalization. These topics are central to my talks and reflect my deep commitment to fostering a more inclusive and understanding digital landscape. My journey in public speaking, although not my primary pursuit, has led me to be a speaker in some of the world’s most important conferences and academic events. My portfolio includes appearances at events such as Brighton SEO, the International Search Summit, TechConnect, SMXL, MB Summit, SEOCon, PubCon, and many others.

This specialized focus stems from my belief in delivering content that resonates deeply with my audience, whether it involves discussing strategic insights or leadership in this field. My commitment to this niche has led me to choose more specialized and focused events rather than broad SEO conferences and gatherings.

My unique blend of academic qualifications sets me apart in digital marketing, Globalization, and SEO. With a strong foundation in sociology, sociolinguistics, Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), semiotics, and Data Science, I bring a rich and diverse perspective to my presentations. This academic prowess enables me to dissect and present complex strategies, tangible results, and intriguing case histories with clarity and depth.

Me Speaking at We Make Future

I’ve been a speaker at

We Make Future
Utterly Content
Women in tech Seo
Brighton Seo
Skill Booster

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

SMCSoon OnlineItalian

Most Recent Speaking Engagements

If you have been to one of my talks and don’t see my presentation here, contact me, and I’ll address your request.

The Future of Search Experience: Beyond the What, Exploring the WhyEnglish
Digital Marketing SummitCustomer Experience MarketingEnglish
Utterly ContentBrain, Emotion, and Societal Biases in ContentEnglish
WTSFestImplicit Intent in [Multilingual] SEOEnglish
SMAU NapoliSociology of SearchItalian
SEOZoom WebinarMultilingual SEOEnglish
TwoBeerIdeas PanelInclusivity in Multilingual websitesEnglish
GlobalSEO ClubIntegrating SEO and LocalizationEnglish
SEODay 2023 by SkillboosterAI for SEOEnglish
Utterly ContentOriginal Multilingual ContentEnglish
PubConCulture and Context in Multilingual SEOEnglish
SEONerdContext in Multilingual SOEnglish
International Search SummitCulture in Multilingual SEOEnglish
MBSummitIntento di ricerca nella SEOItalian
BrightonSEOCRO and Multilingual SEOEnglish
International Search SummitLocalization and SEOEnglish
SEOConLocalization vs SEO TranslationEnglish
SMXL MilanLocalizzazione e SEOItalian

Most Recent Academic Speaking Engagements

DiTBridging Cultural Divides through Effective CommunicationEnglish
School of ManagementThe Role of Language in Cross-Cultural Business NegotiationsEnglish
Center for Women’s LeadershipBreaking Barriers: Women’s Leadership in the Modern WorldEnglish
School of Oriental StudiesLanguage, Identity, and PowerEnglish
The Center for Language Evolution StudiesThe Social Dynamics of Language EvolutionEnglish

Recent Podcast Appearances

WomenInTechSEOCareer LongevityListen
iPullRankMultilingual SEO and LocalizationListen
OnCrawlReal-life SEOListen

Ebooks, books and other publications

OnCrawl International SEO: Part 2ENFR

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