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Do you want to expand internationally but don’t know where to start? Have you heard about how SEO and Globalization can work together but don’t know about it? Are you fascinated by the power of language and how it can improve your conversions and reach? Are you in need of an SEO and Globalization Consultant? I Am Veru, and I’m here to guide you. I am an International Expansion Consultant focused on Multilingual SEO and Globalization with 24 years of experience, and a range of happy customers under my wings (Atlassian, Samsung, Booking, Amazon, ByteDance, Canva, etc).

Together, we will enter non-English-speaking markets, leveraging multilingual SEO and Globalization with a “fully culturalized” interdisciplinary approach to SEO and marketing that combines sociolinguistics, sociology, and data.


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Google Women Techmakers Ambassador

As a Google Women Techmakers Ambassador, I am dedicated to fostering gender diversity in the tech industry. In this role, I actively champion the cause of empowering women in technology through various initiatives and programs. I collaborate with a global community of like-minded individuals to create opportunities, offer mentorship, and provide resources that support women in their tech careers. My mission is to highlight the age disparity issue in the tech industry, advocating for women over 40 who often face inequities in compensation and opportunities compared to our male peers. In this role, I also reinforce my commitment to mentoring underprivileged women and girls who aspire to make their mark in tech (or are still unsure) without wanting to jump into coding.

Food Travel Journalist of the Year

Receiving the “Food Travel Journalist of the Year” award is a significant acknowledgment of my efforts in illustrating the pivotal role of food as a cultural element in travel. My status as a member of the Italian Journalists’ Professional Order shows my dedication to the highest standards of journalism. My expertise covers various subjects, including travel, food, technology, and culture, particularly the interplay between gastronomy and travel. In my writing, I delve into the complex relationship between food and culture, crafting stories that educate and captivate mirroring my profound interest and passion for food, travel, cultures and languages.







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As a Multilingual SEO, Global Growth Strategist and Globalization Consultant, I have worked worldwide since 2000 to help businesses and individuals reach their goals, regardless of location. I speak your language (more than one!) and emphasize local culture to deliver impactful and insightful messages. I am proud to have been successful in this endeavor over the years and continue to do so.

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